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5 Things Every Mister Sparky Owner Receives

December 15, 2021

From one home to the next, electricity always works the same. While this is true, not all electrical service companies are built the same. At Mister Sparky, we take great pride in ensuring every one of our franchise owners and their team has everything they need to get started and succeed!

Regardless of if you’re choosing to start a new business from scratch or looking to covert an exiting home service company, every Mister Sparky franchisee will benefit from these five things:

1. Training and Coaching

Whether you have years of experience rewiring homes, repairing electrical outlets, or nothing at all, all Mister Sparky owners get access to an online array of valuable resources and training designed specifically for our owners.

Some things our team will help you train and coach on include:

And, of course, this is only the beginning. Using our technician training programs and other resources, you and your team will have all the help needed to grow your business locally while ensuring top-tier quality service is delivered at every turn.

2. Proven Operational System

Instead of reinventing the wheel and attempting to track down the best business management software for your electrician business, we have developed systems in-house that help both experienced and inexperienced owners grow.

Our Proven OpX® System will help you:

  • Train new employees
  • Manage your business
  • Market effectively
  • Set budgets
  • Create an exit strategy
  • Ensure consistent results
  • Access branded products

This system, combined with the rest of what Mister Sparky has to offer, continues to set us apart from the competition in terms of electrical services and franchise ownership!

3. Powerful Buying Power

With the help of BuyMax, a contractor-founded organization that helps you access the buying power you could only get from a national brand, you’ll be able to successfully buy the tools and supplies needed.

BuyMax offers:

  • Exclusive rebates on materials
  • Consumer financing options
  • Branded materials to leave with customers
  • Fleet solutions

4. Wide Network of Support

While our local business franchise development team will always be there to offer the business coaching you need, questions to even the simplest questions, and expert help when things get challenging, you’ll also have access to a vast network of other franchise owners you can lean on. This can help you gain friends in the industry, grow your network, and learn what to do – and what not to do – when running your new business.

5. Simple Ownership Process

Best of all? Every owner must follow the same ownership process. This simple process is only a few steps but ensures that you’re making the best choice for your future and you get all of the information needed to make your final decision.

Our steps to ownership include:

  • Tell us About Yourself – During your first call, you’ll provide some basic information so our team can see what you’re looking for and the condition of your current business (if you have one).
  • Schedule an Introductory Webinar – Once we decide it may be a good fit for the both of us, our team will schedule an online webinar to meet you virtually, learn more about your goals, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Attend Discovery Day – Discovery Day is a great place to meet our franchising team, other potential franchise owners and get the full rundown of our business.
  • Get Started – Once everything is said and done, all that’s left is your signature on the dotted line. Just like that, we’ll get you ready for opening day!

Ready to learn more? Contact us online to get started on owning your own Mister Sparky location.

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